The activity of the group of Biomateriales of the ICTP centres on the development of biomedical devices on bioactivos that offer a positive contribution to the patients’ bill(state) of health, as well as in the design and system preparation poliméricos with a therapeutic specific action(share) (antitrombogénica, antiinflammatory, antitumoral, etc). This activity, named “Therapy with Polymers” it is fitted inside the most modern concepts of the development of the “Nanomedicine”.
All this evolve in very interesting contributions into the development of new systems of liberation controlled and directed of compounds bioactivos (medicines, factors of adhesion, factors of growth), that can be applied in the shape of nanoparticles, hidrogeles and coverings of biomedical devices.
The group is employed at the design of devices for the vascular area, having developed new “coronary stents” with properties antitrombogénicas and antiproliferativas that meet on the market brand(mark) CE; devices for the ophthalmological area: rings intraestromales or contact lenses with surfaces antiproliferativas; membranes for regeneration tisular or coverings of abdominal meshes for local dosing of antibiotics. All this has been gathered in a good number of European patents, some of which have been transferred to the industrial sector, articles of great impact, contracts with companies of the biomedical sector and pharmaceutical companies, as well as European and national projects.
Conscious of the multidisciplinary character of the activities, the group forms a part activates of the Center of Biomedical Investigation(Research) in Network(Net) in Bioingeniería, Biomateriales and Nanomedicina (CIBER-BBN) from his(her,your) constitution in the year 2006.
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Maria Rosa Aguilar de Armas
Pedro Luis Echevarria Torres
Daniel Fernández Villa
Luis García Fernández
Raquel Palao Suay
Manuel Prieto Lobato
Rosa Ana Ramirez Jimenez
Luis Rojo del Olmo