I Young Polymer Scientist Meeting





Last 25th October the 1st Young Polymer Scientist Meeting took place at ICTP-CSIC. In this seminar 24 PhD student participated, they came from ICTP and other CSIC institutes as IEM-CSIC and CENIM-CSIC, as well as from Universidad de Salamanca, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (México) and Munich Technical University.

Thanks to Real Sociedad Española de Química – Sección Territorial de Madrid support, 3 students from  Universidad de Valladolid and Universidad del País Vasco were awarded with travel grants.

The seminar consisted in three topics: Polymer synthesis and characterization, Polymers for advanced applications or Polymer Processing, that were structured in 5 sesssions each one with 2 chairmans.

The workshop went as planned program with a remarkable participation of PhD students enrolled as well as senior researchers. Therefore this meeting achieved its goal of being a forum for discussion and exchange, so that students could interact and submit their work to criticism of a specialist public. It is important to highlight that PhD students presented their work in English with an excellent level.

A selection of the best research works presented will be published in February 2017 issue of Revista de Plasticos Modernos.





Friday, October 28, 2016