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Pilar Tiemblo
ICTP Personal: 
Pilar Tiemblo Magro, Nuria García García, Teresa Corrales, Ana López Cudero
1 November 2017
30 October 2020
Sulfur-Aluminium Battery with Advanced Polymeric Gel Electrolytes (SALBAGE)
SALBAGE Project is being coordinated by ICTP-CSIC since October 2019.
In SALBAGE Project, a new secondary Aluminium Sulfur Battery will be developed. The focus will be put in the synthesis of solid-like electrolytes based on polymerizable ionic liquids and Deep Eutectic Solvents in order to obtain polymer-gel electrolytes with an overall ionic conductivity in the range of 1-10 mS/cm at room temperature. At the same time, the aluminium negative electrode will be combined with a sulfur positive electrode including the unprecedented use of redox mediators, to facilitate sulfur reaction kinetics and boost performance.
To achieve this objective a strong consortium has been gathered, with reputed experts in all the relevant fields, such as development of ILs and DES (University of Leicester, and Scionix Ltd.), polymers (ICTP- CSIC), synthesis and characterization of materials for aluminium anode (TU Graz) and sulfur-cathode (Univ. of Southampton) and computational modelling (TU Denmark). Also includes an SME, Albufera Energy Storage S.L., expert in the development and testing of batteries. The consortium is currently being coordinated by ICTP-CSIC.

The new battery is expected to have a high energy density (1000Wh/kg) and low price compared with the actual Li-ion technology (-60%). Moreover, we will take advantage of the special features of the resulting battery (flexibility, adaptability, shapeability) to design a new device with the focus put on strategic applications such as transport, aircraft industry or ITs, for which the SALBAGE battery will be specially designed and tested in relevant conditions.