Welcome to the Polymer Physics Group (FISPOL), of the Department of Polymer Physics, Elastomers and Energy, located in the Institute of Polymer Science & Technology, ICTP, of the Spanish Scientific Research Council, CSIC.


The main activity of the group is fundamental and applied research in polymeric materials, with wide experience in the areas of polymer blends, composites, hybrid and nanocomposite materials.

Our more recent goals are centred on the development of polymer nanocomposites based on carbon nanotubes, graphene, and inorganic fullerene-like nanoparticles with improved performance properties for diverse application areas.

Other activities of the group include training scientists through Masters and PhD courses, dissemination and scientific-technical assistance to industry.


Polymer blends Polymer nanocomposites
Chemical modification Nanoparticle synergy
Multilayer and laminates Advanced characterization techniques



Horacio Salavagione recieved in March 2012 the IX Premio Foro Ibérico del PVC for his work with graphene and CNT-based PVC nanocomposites. More here.
Ana Diez-Pascual recieved in October 2012 a TR35 prize from the Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for her work in the development of advanced composites based on PEEK for aerospace applications. More info here.
A revision on the state of the art in inorganic fullerene based hybrid nanocomposites was published the high-impact journal Progress in Polymer Science. (IF > 26) More info here.
The group published a review article on polyetherketone based nanocomposites in the prestigious journal Progress in Materials Science. (IF > 18) More info here.
The book chapter "Graphene-Based Polymer Nanocomposites" has been downloaded more than 14,500 times, and is the most popular chapter of the book "Physics and Applications of Graphene - Experiments". More here




New view on graphene reinforcement...


Jan 2015

Covalently incorporated rGO makes hydrophilic polymer matrix stronger under conditions of high humidity. For more information go HERE


"Progress" in PNC nanoindentation

nanoindentationJan 2015
Just published a review in the prestigious journal Progress in Material Science, on nanoindentation in polymer nanocomposites. MORE INFO HERE


Recent PBNCs paper published

nanoindentationDic 2014
A recent article in the journal Macromolecular Materials and Engineering features some surprising results on epoxy-thermoplastic polymer blend nanocomposites (PBNCs). SEE HERE


Peter back in York

nanoindentationNov 2014
Dr. Peter Shuttleworth spent 9 days in the GCCE at York University for a series af meetings and materials preparation and characterization for application tests.


Mesoporous NC patent filed

nanoindentationOct 2014
Some of the mesoporous materials developed of the last 2 years in collaboration with the University of York, UK have been patented. MORE HERE


New MINECO project awarded

nanoindentationSept 2014
A new project has been awarded to two members of the FISPOL Group. It will focus specifically on graphene-based polymer nanocomposites, allowing us to advance on some of the developments made in this area during the iDEAPOLNAN project. MORE HERE





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