Technological Offer

At ICTP, we know the value of innovation. That is the reason why part of the results of the research conducted in our laboratories is protected by patents that are licensed to industries in different sectors. Our main objective is to transfer the results of R&D to the productive sector and in this way to ensure that investment in R&D is yielded to the society welfare. In this sense, the ICTP has a renewable portfolio of patents available for companies willing to innovate and to reach a more competitive position in the market. In this section you will find the results of our proprietary research. Given the multidisciplinary nature of our research, our proprietary technologies come from different areas: biotechnology, new materials, nanotechnology, chemistry and technology and are applied in different sectors such as: packaging, rubber, construction, aeronautics, aerospace, biomedical, toys, etc.


For further information, please contact

Álvaro González Gómez, Ph.D.

Knowledge Transfer Manager

Instituto of Polymer Science and Technology (ICTP)

Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

Tel.: + 34 – 91 561 88 06, EXT. 921513

Fax: + 34 – 91  564 48 53





Anticarcinogenic polymer nanoparticles with high selectivity

Aqueous ferrofluids with improved magnetic heating for hyperthermia

Biocompatible/biodegradable shape memory material

Dielectric elastomer actuator with dispersed liquid crystal

Functionalization of polystyrene surfaces in a low cost and controlled way, maintaining its transparency, for applications in biomedicine and pharmacy.

Ionic liquids with low viscosity as electrolytes in electrochemical devices for energy storage

Kits for cell culture based on hydrogel coatings

Mesoporous monoliths from nanoparticle-enhanced naturally-derived biopolymers

Multicomponent hydrogels for in vitro cell manipulation

Multigradient platforms for selective bacterial entrapment

New industrial procedure for characterization of elastomeric latex in real time

New smart elastomeric materials with thermal stimuli response.    

Novel multilayer dressing for compromised wound healing

Novel polymeric coating for bioactive agents release in prosthetic meshes that avoids post-operative infections.

Novel one-step method to create functional wrinkles in polymeric surfaces

Polymer nanocomposites with high thermal, mechanical and electrical performance for structural applications in aeronautical and aerospace engineering. 

Porous functional microchips obtained by 3D printing

Potent antimicrobial polymers without hemotoxicity

Preparation of polymers bearing pendant isocyanate groups

Reactive polymer membrane for water disinfection and chemical contaminant removal

Rigid polymer foams with good electrical conductivity