Ciencia y Tecnología de Materiales Poliméricos

This publication comprises 2 volumes and has been wroten by several authors, being most of them researchers for the Polymer Science and Technology Institute (ICTP). The work describes in a wide manner the synthetic macromolecules field.

These book are conceived as a complement of the Master of Advanced Specialization

in Plastics and Rubber imparted at ICTP. Volume I includes the main aspects of polymer science: Synthesis and modification of polymers, solid state, melt and solution properties and characterization of macromolecules. 

Volume II comprises 35 chapters in which the characteristics of different families of polymers are described: industrially significant polymers, polyolefines, plastics for engineering, acrylic or chloride polymers, elastomers… This volume also describes different polymer processing techniques and their applications.

Furthermore, the wide number of references included in these books make them very useful for students as well as for those who has started working in the interesting field of polymeric materials.

Ciencia Y Tecnología de Polímeros vol. I and II can be purchased through the Research Promotion and Science Dissemination Service at ICTP,

Published by       ICTP-CSIC, 2004

Format: 2 volumes, 175x245mm, 1224 pp.

Editors: L. Garrido, L. Ibarra y C. Marco

Language: Spanish