Polymer Composite Group awarded with the RSC 2020 Outstanding Review Award

The Polymer Composite Group (www.nanocomp.ictp.csic.es) has been awarded with the “2020 Outstanding Review” Award given by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The paper “Evolution of self-healing elastomers, from extrinsic to combined intrinsic mechanisms: a review”, published in the prestigious Materials Horizons journal (IF: 13.27), presents the scientific evolution of self-healing polymers based on the underlying healing mechanism. They elegantly condense this evolution into four generations that comprehensively present the nature of the involved bonds and interactions (non-covalent, covalent or combinations between them), providing also the latest advances in the field of self-healing rubbers. The various cutting-edge examples presented in this review can be seen as an effective alternative for reducing waste, extending the lifetime, and contributing to the evolution of more sustainable materials.



Friday, July 16, 2021